Private Practice Cloud, LLC


Our website

The Private Practice Cloud website was launched on July 4, 2018.  We have searched the internet far and wide.  Please let us know if there is another website out there which offers similar perspectives, resources and services.  We want to support any organization working toward fee-for-service linked to demonstrated value; value that can be measured by gathering information that demonstrates clinical alliance, progress and outcomes and patient satisfaction  


Since 2003, we have led the effort to create online mental health screening and feedback for the public.  We now offer mental health professionals online screening, progress, satisfaction, outcome and amazing charting and visual analytics as well as referral services.  We have worked with payers to create a chart note which can validate the medical necessity of continued psychotherapy services.  Private Practice Cloud has developed a low cost system that allows medical and mental health solo and group practices to adapt to new requirements for accountability in healthcare.

Our Mission

To provide and continually improve technology that can increase access to and effectiveness of mental health care based in ethical practice.

To support coordination of mental health care with other healthcare services, in ways that ensure efficiency, patient safety and privacy.

To improve people’s health and well-being through integrated mental health services that can demonstrate measurable outcomes and quality.

Private Practice Cloud offers online systems which provide a library of medical and behavioral health questionnaires, chart notes, medical necessity and coordinated care notes, and visual analytics capable of supporting group contracts with Healthplans.
— Michaele Dunlap, Psy.D. President Mentor Research Institute

We create software as a service using modular options that protect practice while using ethical alternative payment methods.

  • Electronic charting system.

  • Comprehensive, medical necessity & coordinated care chart notes.

  • Online screening , progress, alliance, satisfaction and outcome measurement tools.

  • World class visual analytic tools that support reporting to patients. physicians and Healthplans.

  • Options to book initial tentative appointments and manage appointment online.

  • Options that allow patients to make, reschedule & cancel appointments.

  • Promotion of your services to peers and public. Opportunities to publish a series of articles in your own website's blog.

  • Patients and professionals can search for providers and services with detailed tags and filters.

  • Display of your professional practice information, experience, videos.

  • The ability to recruit and sign up private practice members interested in Alternative Payment Contracts.

  • Upload a large groups of providers quickly using data transformation service.

  • Online CE training.