ConnectingCare Model &Technology

ConnectingCare leverages a comprehensive digital platform that facilitates screening, treatment, and coordination of care for persons experiencing a mental illness or substance use problems and disorders. Further, the digital platform gathers patient feedback through Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM).

ConnectingCare addresses payer goals to improve access, enhance care coordination, and document clinical outcomes. Documentation of clinical outcomes using PROMs is consistent with the healthcare industry’s goal to move toward value-based payment methodologies by encouraging mental health clinicians to adopt PROMs. (PROMS are also referred to as “Routine Outcome Monitoring”, “Measurement Based Care”, “Feedback Informed Treatment”, “Outcomes Informed Care”, and “Client-directed Outcome Informed Therapy”.)  There is significant opportunity to encourage clinical adoption of PROMs. Surveys find that only a fraction of clinicians (i.e. 12% of psychologists/18% of psychiatrists) use standard outcomes measures in their practices. Additionally, the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (HCPLAN) sponsored by CMS defines four categories of alternative payment models that move delivery of health services to payment for quality/value.[1] 

The ConnectingCare model is consistent with category two, linking quality and value. 

Within category two payers may promote value by:

  • Providing foundation payments for infrastructure and operations

  • Pay-for-reporting

  • Pay-for-performance and quality

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